The CanadaPrintKing Group is the internet marketing brand for Omniscreen Printing, established in 1977. We invite you to explore our family of websites for custom printing services across a wide range of applications.

Visit was our first retail website. We realized there were not many players in the Canadian online market offering high quality coroplast signs that can compete with prices south of the border. CLS quickly became an important new source of business for us. Prior to launching, most of our business was local trade screen printing. This website opened our eyes to the possibilities of growing our business at a national level.



In 2010 we launched This was the first of our websites to incorporate the new strategy. Investment in new digital technologies further advanced our capabilities, and economies of scale, enabling us to provide a wider variety of product at even better prices. In 2011 we introduced digital white printing, expanding our range of window sticker options.



Our third website,, was launched in 2011. We mirrored the marketing & design concept of CSK, to maintain a consistent brand across our growing network of websites. At this time we refurbished CLS to align its graphic design with the rest of the family.

By 2012, we began the process of bringing our various websites together under one umbrella - CanadaPrintKing Group - This has enabled us to more easily cross-market our product lines, and present a cohesive display of our service & capabilities.



Visit was developed in 2013. Our latest addition! Well, I'm sure you get the idea by now.

Never! We are always searching for new & innovative ways to serve our customers.