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Production Machinery at COVID-19

Your Canadian Source for COVID-19 Floor Stickers, Signs and Graphics

Please visit our website - - for a wide variety of Covid-19 printed products, including floor stickers, signs, banners, and more.

CanadaPrintKing Group is a specialty graphics printing company established in 1977, as Omniscreen Ltd. Since 2008 we have been investing in digital technology and new marketing channels. Through a number of niche websites, we have grown our business in both retail and reseller markets across Canada. In 2012 we began the process of rebranding Omniscreen as CanadaPrintKing Group, in an effort to bring our websites together under one umbrella.


The internet has changed the way buyers & sellers meet. It has improved the value proposition for customers and for businesses that can achieve high expectations. We embrace this new economy, where fair market value is more transparent and has no borders. CanadaPrintKing Group seeks to find the sweet spot in the middle, where everybody is happy!

NEW FOR 2013 - Shop Expansion

In 2012 we were struggling to find a place for all our new equipment. We were contemplating relocating all our facilities, but luck was on our side — The tenants beside us moved out, and we were able to secure a lease on the neigbouring building, nearly doubling our shop space. Our offices were also relocated to 495 Kensington.

NEW FOR 2013 - Zund G3 digital cutter

This year we purchased a 70"x98" Zund G3 flatbed cutter/router. This investment brings our finishing capabilities full circle. We can accurately shape cut both digital & screen printed media up to 1 1/2" thick.

NEW FOR 2013 - Second Fuji Acuity Printer

Thanks to all our new customers and ever increasing workload, we were able to purchase a second Fuji Acuity Printer.